Peer to Peer Support Networks

A collection of peer support programs for Military service members, Veterans, and military-connected families

This is a community where individuals with similar experiences come together to provide mutual assistance, encouragement, and understanding. They offer a unique form of support that can significantly contribute to individuals' well-being and resilience.

In a peer-to-peer support network, participants actively listen, empathize, and provide non-judgmental support based on their own lived experiences. Blue Star Families peer-to-peer support networks can exist in various forms, including in-person groups, online communities, or structured programs. The primary goal is to foster a sense of belonging, reduce isolation, and empower individuals to navigate and overcome their challenges through the support and wisdom of others who have or are going through similar journeys.

Characteristics of our peer-to-peer support networks include

  • Reciprocity

  • Shared experiences

  • Non-clinical feedback

  • Confidentiality and trust

  • Empowerment and self-determination

  • Practical resources

  • Emotional support

Peer to Peer Programs

Combat the Silence

Leading the charge against military suicide and confronting the barriers of mental health

Blue Star Caregivers

Resources, education and peer to peer support opportunities for military caregivers

The Veteran Spouse Network (VSN) facilitates a community of peer support for military and veteran spouses and committed partners, providing opportunities to engage and connect to helpful resources and a community of support.