Champions of Chunky Spotlight: Meet Kellee

Published: January 10, 2020

Kellee Lumpiesz

At every duty station, I try to get involved as much as possible with the unit,” Kellee, Army spouse, recently told Blue Star Families. “I have done everything from being an FRG leader to just making sure that drill sergeants were taken care of and bringing them meals and coffee to training sites and to work during long hours.” 

Their current assignment has been challenging, as they’re not connected to a line as they usually are. Kellee, however, has made a significant effort to build community for herself and the MilFams she’s stationed near.    

Because of Kellee’s efforts, the families of Fort Hamilton are stronger. That’s why we’ve selected her to be a “Champion of Chunky!” Kellee works hard to fuel her community and her family, no matter where the Army sends them. 

Hold up. What’s a Champion of Chunky?

“Champions of Chunky” is a new campaign we just launched with Campbell’s Chunky Soupour awesome Blue Star Neighbor! Now through the end of February, we’re recognizing military family champions holding down the fort in support of their service member who works long days and nights to keep Americans safe. Together, we’re fueling these rock stars all winter long with Champions of Chunky care packages.

Not to mention, this campaign is part of the Campbell Soup Company and Dollar General Corporation’s pledge to give back to military families. These companies recently teamed up to create limited-edition cans of two best-selling flavors of Chunky Soup: Classic Chicken Noodle and Sirloin Burger with Country Vegetables. As part of the initiative, a monetary donation will be made to Blue Star Families. (And you know we’ll put those funds to good use, providing members like YOU free access to our annual programs and events! ?) 

But, the real winners here are the folks making a significant difference in their communities, like Kellee.

So, to kick-off the campaign, here’s a glimpse into Kellee’s real-life, mil-life, and a short overview as to why we selected her as a “Champion of Chunky!” 

Get to know Kellee:

I have been a military spouse for 9 years, and my husband has been active-duty Army for the last 19 years. I was a military brat before that, as my dad was in the Navy for 20 years. At every duty station, I try to get involved as much as possible with the unit. I have done everything from being an FRG leader to just making sure that drill sergeants were cared for.

Here at Fort Hamilton, it’s a little different as my husband doesn’t have a line unit that he is responsible for. Instead, he’s working as an ROTC instructor, teaching our future officers. I always make it to the parades, runs, and whatever I can to make sure that he and his cadets are fully supported.

On Fort Hamilton, I sit on the Protestant Women of the Church board at the Fort Hamilton Chapel, and I also assist in teaching bible studies and helping the community with needs such as a cereal drive for the homeless and needy. Additionally, I’m the social media manager for Blue Star Families. I love BSF so much. The joy the organization and its resources bring to the faces of family members and children during this stay in a difficult duty station is absolutely amazing. I frequently help host functions with the Chapter Director, such as ice cream socials, back to school events, and even parties at T-Mobile.


It’s obvious why we named Kellee a “Champion of Chunky!” Over the next three months, Blue Star Families and Campbell’s Chunky Soup will recognize six “Champions of Chunky.”

Lastly, beginning in November, Campbell’s Chunky Soup collectible cans will be available at more than 16,000 Dollar General stores while supplies last. 

Visit a store near you today, and share your support with us on social media by tagging #FuelingBlueStarFamilies!