How To Support Your Military Community During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Published: March 24, 2020

In light of the COVID-19 Pandemic, we’ve seen Navy hospital ships deployed, Army Corps of Engineers called to build mobile medical sites, and most recently over 9,000 National Guard members activated to assist in the administration of Coronavirus testing. A variety of groups have been called to the frontlines of this epidemic, while the Department of Defense does not have the capability to administer ‘blanket’ social distancing policies nationwide. Service members have and will continue to go about their everyday routines, while military spouses (who already sit at an 18.3% unemployment rate) experience extremely high unemployment rates with the temporary closing of non-essential establishments throughout the nation.

On Saturday, the Redskins organization announced they have joined the fight against COVID-19 by working with Prince George’s and Maryland Health Department to setup community screening stations in the parking lot of FedExField. Hundreds of National Guard members have been on scene since Saturday preparing to screen and test our community for the virus.

Additionally, Redskins Salute is encouraging all Military Appreciation Club members and partners to seek opportunities to support local military not-for-profits that are working to alleviate the burden this pandemic is causing on our military community. Find below Redskins Salute not-for-profit military partners are supporting our military community, and how you can show your support today!
USO of Metropolitan Washington-Baltimore (USO-Metro)

“In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic,USO-Metro remains operational to support our military as they remain operational. Along with the rest of the nation, our military and their families have been seriously impacted. As a result, USO-Metro is implementing services to meet the_ _immediate needs_* o our local military population. Currently, we are focusing on ilitary medical personnel, quarantined service members, and military families, and we will be operating a Gab ‘N Go meal program as well as providing Resliency Kits, Boreom Buster Kits, and our traditional Care ackages.”

To contribute to the USO of Metropolitan Washington-Baltimore and their initiatives to support feeding service members on local military installations and entertain local military families with care packages, visit
Blue Star Families

“Our nation is facing a public health crisis, and military families are impacted in unique ways. For our military family fans: how has the COVID-19 pandemic impacted you? We need to know how we can further support you, fill out the survey now here:

COVID-19 has required us to rethink all that we do. So, here at Blue Star Families, we’ve compiled a robust virtual toolkit for you to utilize while you’re practicing social distancing, shelter in place measures, homeschooling your kiddos, working from home, and even making your way through a possible quarantine.”
To support Blue Star Families and their initiatives to support military families, please promote the 2020 COVID-19 Needs Assessment Survey to all military families in our community via and to make a donation toward Blue Star Family COVID-19 efforts, click the link here:
Operation Homefront

“Over the past several weeks as the COVID-19 pandemic reached our shores, we, as Americans, have experienced a fundamental change in our way of life. Operation Homefront stands ready to support our military families during this national crisis, and we have already begun to receive requests for help through our Critical Financial Assistance program. We know Americans share our unwavering passion for and commitment to their mission to build strong, stable, and secure military families so they can thrive – not simply struggle to get by – in the communities, our communities, that they’ve worked so hard to protect. In the coming weeks, as we get a fuller sense of the expected increase in requests for assistance, Operation Homefront will need your help. Find out how you can help by visiting our Current Needs page. Working together, we will be able to help our military families – and each other – as we deal with this crisis.”

Hope for the Warriors

“Nearly 10 years ago, Hope for The Warriors began its first virtual programming that has since evolved into a robust network of communities that encourage mental resiliency and physical and emotional well-being.

Resilient Warrior & Resilient Family: Resilient Warrior is designed to help a service member or veteran cope with stressful events, teaching one to control his or her mind and body’s responses to stress. The six-week course is free to warriors as well as the spouses and adult caregivers who provide support.

Caregiver HUB: This Facebook group is an ongoing source of resources and dialogue for the post-9/11 military caregiver community. Virtual wellness workshops address relevant topics and encourage self-care.

Physical Wellness and Training: Our Sports & Recreation Team uses virtual platforms such as Soflete, Strava and Virtual Runs to engage runners in good, healthy practices, train marathoners running in support of HOPE, as well as build physical and strength and resiliency.

Warrior’s Compass: When job expos and professional conferences are being cancelled across the country, HOPE has a powerful online platform for job seekers that provide access to mentors and resources that keep career-seeking veterans and military spouses actively engaged in professional development.”

To support the many ongoing virtual programs Hope for the Warriors has instituted supporting service members from a distance, visit today!

How To Support Your Military Community During The COVID-19 Pandemic
By: Staff Writer
March 24, 2020

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