Check Out the Great Things Blue Star Families Volunteers are Doing During COVID19

Published: April 24, 2020

One bright spot in today’s trying times is seeing people come together to support their fellow community membersfrom the essential workers to the immunosuppressed, and others in need.

Now, if you’re healthy and have the time, you may be asking yourself: What can I do to help?

So, we ventured over to our Blue Star Families Volunteers Facebook group to ask our powerhouse team how they’re giving back during the COVID-19 crisis. 

Curious what they had to say? See below for their incredible responses! We hope this list inspires you, just as much as it did for us, to give your skills and resources in the following ways.


Prepping / making masks & other necessities

  • Making masks 
  • Cutting, washing, and pressing fabric for masks (then finding others who are making masks and donating the pre-cut fabric to them!) 
  • Running the sewing group for Wyoming Technology Coronavirus Coalition (WTCC)

Spreading cheer and fostering connections

  • Dressing up as the Easter bunny to bring some smiles to the kids
  • Writing letters and will soon start gathering supplies for a hospice center nearby 
  • Serving as the elementary school mascot for the drive-thru parade 
  • Checking in with all my senior friends
  • Reaching out to friends and family
  • Spreading #QuarantineKindness with Every Warrior’s Lil Warriors’ Kindness Krewe

Sharing resources

Further supporting those in the military community

  • Packing and delivering snacks and donuts to dorm residents
  • Serving as a military spouse mentor through the Military Spouse Advocacy Network (MSAN)
  • Volunteering as the Ombudsman for service member’s unit
  • Serving as a military spouse mentor with Veterati
  • Setting up a new HQ Key Spouse program
  • Volunteering as the Key Spouse Mentor for service member’s base
  • Putting together caregiver quarantine survival kits
  • Being a part of the National Guard Volunteer Training program 
  • Coordinating with base’s Garrison to start a volunteer network (tasks involve shopping for high-risk, immunocompromised quarantined families, as well as managing the network and sourcing additional resources) 

Volunteering time to local organizations in need

  • Meals on Wheels
  • Food banks
  • Churches (ex. helping the local church with offering relief supplies and lunches for kids after tornadoes hit the community)
  • Passing out grab-and-go meals to children 6-18 years old 
  • Serving on the Radio Emergency Associated Communications Team in Maryland 
  • Volunteering as a public health association board member for the state
  • Serving as the Wolf Den Leader and Committee Chair for Scout Pack

Join Blue Star Families’ Volunteer team to serve our military families!

Our volunteers do everything from sharing resources to helping us tell their Blue Star Families stories to leading virtual (and in-person, when it’s safe to do so!) meetups for military families. If you’re interested in doing just that, we encourage you to join our powerhouse team today. You choose how much time you have to share and what events interest you to attend. Together, we can create warm, vibrant, and supportive communities!

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