Kids’ Agility Training: Building Coordination and Having Fun

Published: August 1, 2022

Not only can agility training be super fun, but it has so many benefits for all ages, including developing children. 

Improve Balance and body control

Agility training can help improve our balance and quickness — as most movements are done quickly and controlled, helping develop fast-twitch muscles and proprioception (spatial awareness of body position and movement). These exercises can also improve your body’s coordination and responsiveness to stimulus, which helps us in everyday life.

Improve coordination

Agility exercises can help improve neuro-muscular synapses — increasing our muscles’ strength, power, and speed. Working through agility patterns can help us do complex movements at the same time, and with more ease and speed as we practice. 

Exercise your brain

Because many agility exercises require executing a pattern, moving more than one body part at a time, and often cross-body movements, this is also brain exercise! The more you practice agility, the easier it becomes as it creates muscular memory and new connections in your brain.

This workout focuses on agility and coordination. You can use an agility ladder, agility markers, create a ladder on the floor with painter’s tape, or let the kids create their own ladder with chalk outside.

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