Stop and read if you or someone in your military family wears prescription eyeglasses or contacts

Published: October 4, 2022

There’s much to learn as a military spouse when navigating this crazy and sometimes complicated life. So, let us help you out, friend. Stop what you’re doing for two seconds and read this if you or someone in your family wears prescription eyeglasses or contacts because it could save you a ton of money.

Here’s the one thing that most of us don’t know until it’s too late.

Active-duty military families with a basic TRICARE Health Plan can get supplemental vision insurance through FEDVIP – that’s the Federal Employees Dental and Vision Insurance Program – to help pay for the prescription eyeglasses and contacts you’re likely paying lots of money for out-of-pocket.

It’s true! But keep this in mind.

You can only enroll in supplemental vision insurance during FEDVIP Open Season, Monday, November 14th through midnight Monday, December 12th ET. And if you miss this window, you go without until 2024 unless you have a qualifying life event like having a baby, getting married, or transitioning out of service.

So, seriously, don’t go without for another year, and here’s why.

Recent estimates showed that many military families, like you, who don’t currently have a supplemental insurance plan with a provider like Blue Cross Blue Shield FEP Vision pay $650 per year for eye care, including prescription glasses and contacts, when they could pay just $40 with coverage from the High Option BCBS FEP Vision plan.

Check out Blue Cross Blue Shield FEP Vision’s easy online tool to help you determine the type of coverage you want minus the hefty price tag: Their plans start as low as $12 a month!

Do the research now because time is ticking.

And we’d hate for your military family to miss out. You can thank us later when you save lots of money.

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