Let Spiritune Help Calm Your MilKid

Published: April 5, 2023

Military families, we’re checking in on your MilKids. How are they taking care of their well-being?

We ask because keeping your military kid calm during life transitions can be a challenge. Our recent research reveals many (43%) active-duty family respondents rate their child’s mental health as “fair”, “poor”, or “very poor”.  There are many factors at play when talking about mental health but military kids may have worries about deployments, upcoming PCSes, and more. 

But, here’s one thing we know.

Music is one way to help calm their nerves. And that’s why we’re here on the blog today, to let you know in honor of this Month of the Military Child about a music therapy app. It’s called Spiritune!

Spiritune helps MilKids relax and reduce their anxiety through calming music and visualizations. And best of all, this monthly only, use the special code BSFCHILD at checkout to get the app for free — via Blue Star Perks. You should check it out right now. 

Here’s how it works. Spiritune can help them manage their emotions better by providing calming music that encourages positive thinking, as well as visuals (such as moving clouds and stars) that are designed to bring about emotional balance. It combines principles of music therapy and neuroscience to help children feel great, focus better, and relax easily.

The cool thing about relaxation-based music is that it can help MilKids process their feelings more effectively and cope with difficult situations more easily. Reducing anxiety levels during stressful times is key so that kids feel more at ease when faced with changes in their lives due to military life events, such as deployments or relocations —and this app does just that. 

Here at Blue Star Families, we know that acknowledging the health of our MilKids is essential now more than ever — because when the mental health of our military families is jeopardized, mission readiness suffers. 

So, tell us. Will you join us in keeping a pulse on our children’s mental health and well-being?  

Let us help. Discover how Spiritune can help your MilKid. Don’t forget to take advantage of this amazing free offer by using our special code BSFCHILD at checkout here!

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