Navigating Military Life with Connectivity & Communication: Elyce’s Story

Published: August 21, 2023

Meet Elyce, a seasoned Navy spouse who navigates the ups and downs of military life alongside her dedicated active-duty husband. Over the span of two decades, they’ve encountered numerous deployments and relocations, relying on effective communication to strengthen their relationship with each other and their community.

If you’re new to the military journey and looking to foster connection, you’ve come to the right place!

Elyce, like many military spouses, wears multiple hats — in addition to being a supportive wife, she’s a mother to two young boys, and a driven professional, currently serving as a Hiring Our Heroes Fellow at T-Mobile. Juggling family life, career ambitions, and military duties is undoubtedly demanding, but Elyce excels because she’s discovered the key to a thriving military marriage: connectivity. To her, connectivity is the lifeline that nurtures their family’s welfare, regardless of their military journey’s twists and turns.

In this blog, we dive into Elyce’s perspective, exploring how she strives to remain connected while harnessing the power of effective communication, not only to navigate military life but also to flourish within it.

You’ve endured several deployments. How did this impact you and your family?

My husband is currently attached to the USNS COMFORT hospital ship, which provides acute medical and surgical care throughout the world. I respect and admire the tremendous humanitarian work being done. However, these deployments are tough on families. When my spouse is on a ship, there are many days/weeks when you have no communication with your spouse. With all of the preparation and planning you do prior, you really can only plan for some situations. There are moments of intense loneliness and exhaustion as you navigate life. The disconnect from loved ones can be especially difficult for your children, who may not understand why they can’t speak to their parent at sea. Even if you are able to reach out via phone calls, the timing is unpredictable and cell reception isn’t always reliable.

You’ve PCSed several times, including overseas. How do you keep in touch with friends and family?

As a military spouse, maintaining connections with friends and family can be challenging but essential. It is crucial to find effective ways to keep in touch despite the physical distance. In my personal experience, tech has been a lifeline in staying connected with loved ones. Tools such as video calls, instant messaging, and social media have allowed me to bridge the gap and maintain regular communication so that our family can share everyday moments and milestones, and even be virtually present during special occasions. It may not replace physical presence entirely, but technology has provided a sense of closeness and support, enabling me to stay connected despite the geographical separation.

Why is good technology and connectivity important to you as a military family?

Having access to reliable technology allows us to stay connected with our loved ones, no matter where we are stationed. Deployments and frequent relocations can often separate military families for extended periods, making communication a lifeline for maintaining strong bonds. Reliable technology enables us to bridge the distance, share precious moments, and provide emotional support to one another. Technology [also] plays a crucial role in keeping us informed with important information from our service member’s command, including deployment details, changes in duty stations, and critical updates.

What advice would you give spouses new to military life?

Here are three ways I’ve navigated military life:

Embrace Growth: Military life, with its deployments and relocations, brings challenges but also personal growth. When my spouse is away, I find strength in independence, adaptability, and resilience. This mindset helps me handle uncertainty, adapt to change, and build a network wherever we go.

Maintain Identity: In a military marriage, both partners have unique goals. Communication is vital, especially if career breaks are needed for family. Supporting each other’s ambitions while prioritizing the relationship fosters a successful partnership.

Find Mentors: Connecting with mentors, like through programs such as America Corporate Partners (ACP), has been invaluable. My mentor from Colgate Palmolive not only offered guidance but also became a dear friend. This mentorship journey led me to other supportive guides who provided crucial insights for various aspects of life.

Whether you’re new to this journey or a seasoned pro, Elyce’s experience showcases that connectivity and communication are more than just skills; they’re an art requiring practice and refinement. Armed with a resilient mindset, supportive networks, and modern technology, you, like Elyce, will be well-prepared to navigate the challenges with grace, expertise, and an unwavering spirit.

Ready to give it a try? Apply Elyce’s insights, and you’ll likely be surprised by the depth of wisdom you’ll gain.

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