Salesforce Stories: Cindy’s Path to a New Career

Published: November 22, 2023

Meet Cindy. She’s a Navy Veteran and military spouse determined to embrace change while leveraging her tech skills. As she embarks on a journey with Salesforce Military, Cindy anticipates not just a career shift but a pursuit of opportunities that promise fulfillment and financial security.

Cindy learned about Salesforce Military when Blue Star Families popped into her inbox to ask if she’d like to make a change in 2024. Cindy was ready, and jumped on board. Enrolling in Salesforce Military’s free certification program for Veterans and military spouses, she eagerly anticipates honing her skills and exploring avenues for a new professional chapter next year.

“I know that having tech skills will make me more competitive and are in high demand across all industries,” says Cindy. “I can see that it will open doors in my career journey and lead me to a fulfilling career.”

The mom of two says it’s important to her to have a career that allows her to find fulfillment, financial stability, personal growth, and make a positive impact. While serving in the Navy as a logistics specialist allowed her to see the world and learn a unique set of skills, she’s now looking forward to new challenges after retirement. A new career will also provide an outlet for continuous learning and development, and help her family have a financially stable future.

While Cindy is still completing her training and hasn’t found the right position just yet, she says that when she shares about working toward her Salesforce certification, she gets a positive response.

“Salesforce is well established [presence] in the CRM (customer-managed relationship) space. One of the things that excites me about Salesforce is how people respond when you say you are pursuing Salesforce certification,” says Cindy.

Cindy says that creating a schedule and taking it one step at a time has helped her in her training, and she recommends that other spouses do the same. She also found that you don’t need to have a tech background or experience in tech to excel in the program, but she knows the new tech skills she is acquiring will help her enhance her resume and make her a highly desirable candidate.

Salesforce is helping Cindy make a change for 2024, and she’s not alone! More than 60,000 trailblazers from the military-connected community have joined Salesforce to learn new tech skills since 2014. Will you be next? Check out Salesforce Military and register today.

P.S. We’re offering a training session that provides step-by-step instruction on how to register for the free Salesforce Military program without getting lost in the sauce. Our in-house Salesforce certified guru, Dristi, will provide you with inspiration and support from start to finish. Take advantage of this exclusive opportunity set for Tuesday, December 19th. Register and save your seat here.

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