Starbucks and Blue Star Families Address Military Family Food Insecurity

Published: March 25, 2024

Starbucks shines as a beacon of commitment to Blue Star Families’ Do Your Part initiative, made possible by the generosity of Craig Newmark and craig newmark philanthropies, addressing critical issues affecting military families and our collective defense efforts. Not only do they provide employment opportunities for military spouses, but they also foster community connections as a vital third space.

Now, Starbucks is again answering the call to action by joining forces with us to confront the complex and sensitive challenge of food insecurity faced by our military-connected families, including Blue Star Families member Amber.

blue star families members holding boxed food in starbucks

Blue Star Families Tennessee Nourish the Service Event at Starbucks.


Meet Amber, a Coast Guard spouse of 21 years (we’ve changed her name to respect her family’s request for anonymity). With three deployments and seven relocations under their belt, Amber and her family of five navigate the challenges of military life with resilience and determination.

During these transitions, Amber often finds herself in the role of a solo parent in new and unfamiliar environments, grappling with the absence of her spouse and the pressures of caring for their young children.

Amber’s story is just one of many among military families wrestling such hardships.

The 2023 Military Family Lifestyle Survey paints a sobering picture: of active-duty family respondents, 1 in 6 reported experiencing food insecurity; this increases to 1 in 4 enlisted family respondents.

Amber shares her strategies for coping with the high cost of living, including strict budgeting, and utilizing community resources such as food pantries. She represents one of many military spouses benefiting from Blue Star Families’ Nourish the Service program, which is aimed at ensuring our service members and their families have access to essential resources and support.

Fortunately, partners like Starbucks are not bystanders in the face of such challenges.

They actively engage in initiatives like recently partnering with Blue Star Families in 70 of their stores. Through this initiative, Blue Star Families reached thousands of people, raising awareness about military family food insecurity, collected nonperishable food items, and shared support resources with folks in need.

But our mission doesn’t end there.

We’re committed to empowering military families to thrive during their service and beyond. That’s why we’ve rallied a coalition of advocates dedicated to improving our All-Volunteer Force’s economic security and well-being and their families. Want to join us in making a difference? Join the coalition here.

Important Note: If you’re food insecure or need help finding resources and support, please reach out. A Blue Star Families representative is standing by to assist here.

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