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National Capital Region DEPLOY Fellow Focuses on Mentorship and Opportunities for Children

July 7, 2021

Meet Tonya. She’s a Navy spouse, mom to three school-aged boys, and recently started serving as the DEPLOY Fellow for Blue Star Families’ National Capital Region Chapter, a position made…

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Military Moves Prove Stressful for Families with Children on IEPs

July 3, 2021

  Did you know that 600,000 military and veteran families move with the military annually? While experiencing new locations is often cited as a highlight of military service, moving so…

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Blue Star Museums Open Up Opportunities for Military Families

July 2, 2021

  The approaching summer season looks a little different for many military families, compared to their civilian counterparts. While civilian families might be planning their family vacation or what summer…

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Army Veteran Focuses Retirement on Building a Brighter Military Future for her Children

July 1, 2021

Meet CT. She’s a mom of two and recently retired from the Army after serving 24 years. What’s next on her journey? She’s taking on the important role of Racial…

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As PCS Season Continues, Many Military Families Are Given Mere Months to Prepare

June 29, 2021

Military life is unpredictable. Between frequent moves, long-term separation due to deployments and training, and work schedules that aren’t family-friendly; many military families struggle to find stability, which compromises their…

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Creating a Safe Space for LGBTQ+ Families to Serve

June 25, 2021

Did you know that military families move 3x as often as their civilian counterparts, most moving every 2-3 years on average? Starting over every few years leaves many military families…

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Blue Star Families Aims to be a Home Away From Home as Military Families Prepare to Move

June 25, 2021

Moving frequently is an inevitable, but difficult, part of life as a military family. In fact, 600,000 service members and their families, 400,000 active-duty and 200,000 veterans, relocate with the…

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A Focus on Military Children’s Mental Health: August’s Story

June 21, 2021

In the last few years, mental health within the military community has importantly been at the forefront of our conversations. The challenges of military life—the deployments, frequent moves, and overall…

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Father’s Day: An Invitation to Connect

June 20, 2021

It’s that time of year again where we take time to honor Fathers and all they do.  But what is the perfect gift for Dad?   The question has plagued…

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