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Military and Veteran families are wonderful neighbors! Help them feel connected to the community. Support our military community today.

Stronger military families drive stronger communities.

Military and Veteran families live among us. They are our neighbors, customers, coaches, and friends. But what if we told you that those who make unprecedented sacrifices in service to our country do not feel understood by the general public?

With your help, we can make a difference — and strengthen local communities and national security as a result.

Join forces with Blue Star Families Ready to begin your journey of giving back to those who serve. You can commit to driving positive change for military and Veteran families starting today. Together, we can provide the support that military- and Veteran-connected families so desperately need…and deserve.

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As our community supporter, you can:

Fund a Blue Star Chapter

Cultivate a sense of welcome and belonging for thousands of military and Veteran families moving each year through funding a local Blue Star Chapter.

Sign a Welcome Card

Help military and Veteran families feel at home - share a welcome message and let them know your local favorite businesses.

Become a Blue Star Employer

Facilitate solutions to military spouse employment, which remains a top contributor to financial stress for military families.

Get-to-Know Military Life

Read our publications to better understand the challenges and needs of those who serve.

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