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Military and Veteran families are wonderful neighbors! Help them feel connected to the community. Support our military community today.

Stronger military families drive stronger communities.

For years, Craig Newmark has elevated Blue Star Families' grassroots efforts to provide much-needed support and change. From food insecurity to Blue Star Welcome Week, he remains a vocal ally for the military and Veteran community. And with his recent donation, Craig’s helping them feel better connected to the communities in which they live. Join his efforts by supporting our military community today.

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Cultivate a sense of welcome and belonging for thousands of military and Veteran families moving each year through funding a local Blue Star Chapter.

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When you donate to Blue Star Families, you help military and Veteran families gain access to necessary resources and feel at home, even in the outdoors.

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Facilitate solutions to military spouse employment, which remains a top contributor to financial stress for military families.

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