Finding a Welcoming Workplace: Blue Star Families and AARP on MilSpouse & Female Veteran Employment


We know that securing employment is a key concern for you, particularly after a move or transitioning out of active-duty service. During this webinar, we’re excited to explore a new solution to this concern with AARP’s Veteran & Military Spouse Job Center where you can find courses, tools, and resources, to give you an edge in your job search. You’ll also have the chance to enter for a style consultation with E’Beth Goad, Personal Brand & Change Strategist and other fun opportunities.

Originally broadcast on September 29, 2022.

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2022 Military Family Lifestyle Survey Preliminary Employment Results

The following statistics are preliminary and unpublished results from the 2022 Military Family Lifestyle Survey (MFLS):

  • One in four active-duty spouse respondents* (25%) have participated in employment support programs and resources (e.g., Employment Readiness Program, Military Spouse Employment Partnership, Blue Star Families’ SpouseForce, Onward to Opportunity, Veterati or others).

For those who have participated, the support they received included:

    • Resume writing assistance 56%
    • Networking connections 49%
    • Spousal preference for federal employment 26%
    • Coaching or mentorship 25%
    • Professional development or certification 25%
    • Job interview preparation assistance 24%
    • Financial support for higher education 8%
    • Fellowship or apprenticeship 5%
    • Unemployment insurance 2%

* Who are not also active-duty service members

  • Part-time or full-time employed active-duty spouse respondents* were asked "Are you currently self-employed or operate your business?" and 11% responded they were self-employed (working for my own business), 9% said they were both working as a paid employee for someone else and self employed (working for my own business), and 79% reported they are not self employed (working as a paid employee for someone else).

* Who are not also active-duty service members


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Kathy Roth-Douquet

CEO, Blue Star Families

Danielle Williams

Danielle Williams

Social Strategist, AARP


Jaime Chapman

COO & Co-Founder, Military Spouse Chamber of Commerce


Lacey Craig

Sr. Program Manager, Military & Diversity Recruiting, T-Mobile


E’Beth Goad

Personal Brand & Change Strategist


Lourdes Tiglao

Director, VA Center for Women Veterans


Laura Torres

Senior Manager of Workforce Partnerships and Diverse Talent Sourcing, Blue Star Families

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