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Blue Star Families’ annual Military Family Lifestyle Survey (aMFLS) has been providing a comprehensive understanding of the experiences and challenges encountered by military families since 2009. It offers crucial insight and data to help inform national leaders, local communities, and philanthropic actorsfunctions that are even more important as decision makers assess how to support military and Veteran families while the nation continues to recover from a global pandemic . The survey also presents the opportunity to increase dialogue between the military community and broader American society by highlighting areas for improvement and offering solutions to bridge the civil-military divide, strengthen communities, and bolster the health and sustainability of the All-Volunteer Force.

Blue Star Families conducted its 12th annual Military Family Lifestyle Survey from April to June 2021. Capturing experiences of over 8,000 respondents worldwide, and generating millions of data points, it remains the largest and most comprehensive survey of active-duty, National Guard, and Reserve service members, Veterans, and their families.

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Did you miss part of the 2021 Military Family Lifestyle Survey results release event? Are you looking to catch up on the conversations? Press play on the videos below.

DAY 1 - Main Event

Hear leaders and families discuss the most pressing issues military- and Veteran-connected families are facing today.

DAY 2 - Data Deep Dive #1

Military Family Financial Security

DAY 2 - Data Deep Dive #2

Health and Mental Health

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MFLS Opening Video

Financial Security Video


Military Family Building Video


What Does the DAta Say

2021 Survey Findings Summary


“I appreciate and believe this is a very important initiative for the military to pursue and continuously improve. Thank you for giving the people experiencing these challenges a voice.”
- 2021 MFLS Survey Respondent


If you are a member of the media or a nonprofit organization that supports military- and Veteran-connected communities and you are interested in partnering with Blue Star Families to promote this research, contact [email protected].


Funding for this needs assessment is provided through the generosity of our sponsors. If you are interested in funding further research, use the button below.

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From the Department of Applied Research at Blue Star Families in collaboration with the D'Aniello Institute of Veterans and Military Families, Syracuse University (IVMF).

Blue Star Families

Jessica D. Strong, Ph.D. Senior Director of Applied Research

Kim D. Hunt, Ph.D. Associate Director of Research and Training

Karly Howell, M.A. Senior Research Manager

Jennifer L. Akin, M.P.A. Senior Director of Policy and Social Impact Research

Charo Bates, M.B.A., M.A., M.S. USAA Applied Research & Social Impact DEPLOY Fellow

Carrie Carter, M.A. Applied Research Generalist Consultant

The D'Aniello Institute for Veterans and Military Families, Syracuse University 

Rosalinda V. Maury, M.S. Director of Applied Research and Analytics

Rachel K. Linsner, M.S. Doctoral Research Fellow

Jeanette Yih Harvie, Ph.D. Research Associate


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