Deployments are tough on everyone.

Deployments are tough on everyone. We’ve been there and we know what’s it’s like to find out your spouse is deploying (in less than 2 weeks?!). We’ve got some amazing resources to help you manage the emotions and stress that come with saying goodbye, get ahead financially while they’re gone, stay connected, and even how to get your kids ready for the homecoming!

Everyone Serves Ebook is a comprehensive guide to deployment that covers everything from pre-deployment, to the actual deployment, and even reintegration.

Download a copy, browse the videos and resource pages for helpful tips, and share this valuable resource with anyone you know gearing up for a deployment!


Everyone Serves Book

A handbook for family & friends of sevice members during pre-deployment, deployment and reintegration

Deployment Worksheet

Comprehensive checklists guide you through all the important aspects of getting through a deployment.

Deployment Videos

Library of video resources to get you through every stage of deployment including predeployment, deployment, and reintegration.

Deployment Resources

Selected resources to help to your family as you navigate the military lifestyle and experience deployment and reintegration

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