No matter where the military sends you, we’ll help make it home!

Whether you’re waiting for that call or have your PCS orders in hand, moving is stressful!

The questions without answers are endless: “Where are we moving? When are we leaving? When is your report date? How do we get our vehicles there? Are we driving or flying? What do we do with the fish? Where are the good schools? When does school start? Are there camps to send the kids to this summer while we unpack? What do we pack? Am I going to be able to find a new job? Hope we can make friends quickly. We need to find a good doctor, and pediatrician, and dentist, and will those TRICARE referrals transfer when we move? The kids are so upset about leaving their friends. Dad is deploying as soon as we get there. I’m tired already!”

We’ve all been there. Blue Star Families has rounded up some of our best resources to help make this next PCS your smoothest one yet!

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