Robin Bronk

CEO, The Creative Coalition

Robin Bronk built her career on the solid reputation of developing local strategies and initiatives that resonate with global audiences. As a female executive, Robin expertly led The Creative Coalition’s transformation and growth from a focused nonprofit with a $200K annual operating budget to a national, nonpartisan, and nonprofit social welfare advocate galvanized around the national issue of funding for the arts. Today, the organization boasts $8M in annual sponsorships and champions grassroots campaigns rooted in the arts and entertainment industry.

Robin’s career stands on five pillars of success:

  • Board Leadership – Identifying, recruiting, and placing board members in positions that leverage their unique expertise.
  • Stakeholder Engagement & Mobilization – Employing community-focused “fireside chats” to attract, engage, and rally celebrity, government, corporate, and nonprofit stakeholders.
  • Organizational Development – Defining and establishing strategic direction to champion vision, mission, and programming that lead to exponential growth and expansion.
  • Policy & Legislative Advocacy – Compiling data into compelling legislative presentations, and delivering testimony on Capitol Hill to inform and influence congressional decision makers.
  • Experiential Learning – Mentoring and promoting high-potential talent through challenging stretch opportunities.

This reputation for bringing global attention to the important social issues of our time, evolved over the course of Robin’s more than 35-year career in public relations, government relations, communications, marketing, and advocacy. When she joined The Creative Coalition, she elevated her leadership expertise to drive the organization’s advocacy programs and became The Creative Coalition’s first CEO. She built TCC’s first Board of Directors, Advisory Board, and Executive Committee, championing both strategy and governance necessary for continued growth and sustainability.

Robin’s role at The Creative Coalition grew as the organization expanded. In her role as the nonprofit’s first CEO, she continued to lead the Board, Advisory Board, and Executive Committee, while providing strategic direction for all aspects of operations and programming. As a result, The Creative Coalition reached beyond its NYC footprint to impact society at large.

Fueled by her profound passion for social welfare issues as well as the arts, Robin spurred creative innovation around utilizing celebrity cause marketing, funding for the arts, and other first-of-a-kind solutions to champion critical social issues. Her success has been marked by prestigious awards, including: White House and Pentagon Commendations for a PSA campaign that addressed the military’s suicide epidemic; a Gracie Award for “Watch What You Watch” PSA campaign promoting positive body image among girls and boys; and an Artivist Award for leadership in the arts and activism.

Her high-impact career began as a Program Instructor and Speaker Coordinator for the Close Up Foundation, where she produced a weekly C-SPAN program. She worked as a Production Assistant with ABC News before joining APCO Worldwide as a Vice President. In this role consulting with corporations, government agencies, industry associations, and nonprofit organizations, she pioneered the field of celebrity cause marketing.

Robin holds a Bachelor of Arts from Penn State University and completed Northwestern University’s Kellogg Women’s Senior Leadership Program in Leadership and Business. Outside of The Creative Coalition, Robin currently serves on the boards of The Pioneering Collective and The Woodstock Film Festival. She is a Strategic Advisor with GLG Institute Advisors and a member of Pennsylvania State’s College of Communications Advancement Council serving on the Fundraising and Brain Trust Committees.