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Save Our Allies | Volunteer Form

Save our Allies was formed in response to the withdrawal in Afghanistan as a joint coalition between The Independence Fund (Sarah Verardo) and The Mighty Oaks Foundation (Chad Robichaux). Given the support from the government, donors, and Veterans, Save our Allies was established as a stand alone organization focusing on four pillars of success for American Veterans and the Afghan Allies they served beside. Save our Allies, founded by Chad Robichaux, Nick Palmisciano, Tim Kennedy, and Sarah Verardo, believes in the need to continue evacuation for Americans and Allies still in Afghanistan. SOA directly evacuated more than 12,000 people from Afghanistan,  an effort second only to the US Department of Defense. Now SOA is volunteering stateside to resettle Afghan Allies and volunteer at military installations. SOA stepped in to backfill the American Red Cross at Fort McCoy and Fort Bliss as their efforts ended on September 30. Save our Allies has volunteers at the eight military bases functioning as the \”Safe Harbors\” across the United States. We need your help. We believe that we must keep our moral obligation to our wartime Allies and SOA is willing to expend the time, treasure, and talent to help the United States Government settle them stateside. | Volunteer Form
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