Your Voice Matters: The Importance of Participating in the 2022 Military Family Lifestyle Survey

Published: May 31, 2022

Since 2009, Blue Star Families has been providing a comprehensive understanding of the experiences and challenges encountered by military families through the annual Military Family Lifestyle Survey (aMFLS). 

The results:

  • Provide important insights and data that inform leaders, communities, organizations, and the philanthropic sector when assessing and acting on behalf of military and Veteran community members
  • Help shape the national focus and policy on key issues such as military spouse employment and child care
  • Serve as a signal in the field around other issues, including out-of-pocket costs, higher education, military child education, and food insecurity

That’s, in large part, due to the MFLS being the largest and most comprehensive survey of active-duty, National Guard, and Reserve service members, Veterans, and their families (Blue Star Families, 2022). 

This year, we aim to reach 10,000 respondents. If you’re connected to the military (whether active-duty, reserve force, Veteran service member or a family member), we want to hear from you. By participating in the survey between May 23rd – July 10th, you can lend your voice to effect the change that would be the most meaningful and beneficial. 

Together, we can tell our stories. We can inform our leaders

It’s a big ask to share your time and answer questions, and Blue Star Families recognizes that. On average, the #BSFSurvey takes no longer than 30 minutes to complete. That seems worthwhile when the data has the power to provide local and national leaders with a deeper understanding of the realities that military, Veteran, and National Guard and Reserve families face. And in turn, our entire community benefits.

In fact, the need for a Food Insecurity DEPLOY Fellowship was identified through research Blue Star Families and partners led in 2020, and now Nourish the Service is part of all Blue Star Chapter work! By listening to our members, we can meet needs and raise awareness.

To learn more about the results from the 2021 MFLS, visit the Military Family Lifestyle Survey page. For more information on the 2022 #BSFSurvey, keep an eye out on our social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn) and website. To complete the survey, please click here

Thank you to Amazon and Craig Newmark Philanthropies for sponsoring Blue Star Families’ Food Insecurity DEPLOY Fellowship!


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