T-Mobile Bolsters Support for Military Spouse Employment: Meet Trang

Published: March 1, 2024

Embracing the Blue Star Families & Hiring Our Heroes 4+1 Commitment to military spouse success, T-Mobile leads the charge in prioritizing the hiring of our military-connected community, and here’s an example of how.

Meet Trang Cline, a military spouse of over 12 years whose journey has taken her all over the world — from Korea and Alaska to Italy and beyond — with her high school sweetheart.

Recently, she landed a role as a T-Mobile recruiter, exemplifying the transformative power of this commitment and the profound impact it can have on our All-Volunteer force.

Trang was hired as a T-Mobile recruiter after completing a Hiring Our Heroes fellowship, which started off this new career journey.

While Trang continued to pursue her own professional goals during her husband’s career, she also learned she’d need to navigate and pivot due to the Army’s requirements and deployments. But that’s where the 4+1 Commitment: The Formula for Military Spouse Success comes in!

Together, Blue Star Families and Hiring Our Heroes launched the 4+1 Commitment, paving the way for military spouses with Blue Star Partners, like T-Mobile. As part of that commitment, T-Mobile is leading the way and illuminating a path for others to follow.

Before coming onboard with T-Mobile, Trang already had a master’s degree in human resources management, focusing on talent management and transformation. T-Mobile saw her background, and while she’d never worked as a recruiter, T-Mobile gave her the opportunity to step into the role, providing her professional growth and development.

“Being a Recruiter II at T-Mobile is not just a job; it’s an opportunity to make a meaningful impact in the professional journeys of individuals and the success of organizations. I find fulfillment in the dynamic nature of the role, the daily challenges it presents, and the satisfaction of connecting exceptional professionals with rewarding opportunities,” says Trang.

Trang’s experiences through military life make her a determined and adaptable employee, and because T-Mobile signed on to do their part and see the valuable contributions military spouses make to the team, Trang is now a part of helping other military spouses and Veterans get a career path like hers!

“What excites me most about T-Mobile Careers is the incredible potential for growth within the company. T-Mobile is not just a workplace; it’s a dynamic environment that serves as a jungle gym of opportunity. The organization is constantly paving the way to new heights, providing employees with the chance to explore various career paths, take on new challenges, and continually evolve both personally and professionally,” says Trang.

T-Mobile is working with Blue Star Families to put your needs first, ensuring their employment initiatives work with your lifestyle. Want a job with a company that’s got your back? Connect with a #TeamMagenta recruiter today here.


For additional support, connect with the Blue Star Careers community in The Neighborhood.

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