T-Mobile Hits Huge Milestone in Hiring Military Spouses: Meet SanGae

Published: May 10, 2024

T-Mobile understands that military life is tough, and that employment is a big issue for military spouses and Veterans. That’s why T-Mobile is leading the way in hiring military spouses and Veterans through initiatives like the Blue Star Families 4 + 1 Commitment, partnership with Hiring Our Heroes.

T-Mobile committed to hiring 10,000(!) military spouses and Veterans by the end of 2023 because they see the challenges military families face in their employment journey. And they did exactly that: Spouses like SanGae.

Meet SanGae Ramsey. She’s a mom of two, the wife of a recent retiree, and a member of Team Magenta. SanGae’s husband recently retired after serving 17 years in the Air Force and three years in the Space Force, moving seven times. The frequent moves made it hard for SanGae, an experienced recruiting and employee relations professional, to maintain her career.

“[Moving] impacted my career by having to quit positions each time we moved. Unfortunately this made it harder to find positions in my career field each time we moved due to the gaps and having to start over again in a new area,” she said.

SanGae told us it was important to her to work because she wanted to contribute something and have something to focus on and goals to work toward.

SanGae was introduced to T-Mobile while attending the Hiring Our Heroes Amplify in the spring of 2023. Today, she’s a recruiter, which means she gets to interact and engage with candidates — like you — every day!

SanGae was already an experienced recruiting professional, and T-Mobile gave her the opportunity to enhance her skill set and pick right back up where she left off! She recommends other military spouses check out T-Mobile Military because of their work-life flexibility and balance.

Not only does T-Mobile hire military spouses and Veterans, but they set them up for success. T-Mobile sees the needs of military spouses and Veterans and works with the Blue Star Careers team to understand the unique issues they face. They’re one of the first companies to address the issues in order to recruit and hire talent.

T-Mobile sees you. They know spouses like SanGae need careers that move with you, offer deployment leave, and tuition assistance. That’s why T-Mobile joined in on the 4+1 Commitment: The Formula for Military Spouse Success.

T-Mobile is doing their part and working with Blue Star Families to put your needs first,ensuring that military spouses have the opportunity to not only get hired, but also have the ability to stay with T-Mobile because of the culture they’ve created to help make employment possible and meaningful for military spouses. Want a job with a company that’s got your back? Connect with a #TeamMagenta recruiter today here.

For additional support, connect with the Blue Star Careers community in The Neighborhood.

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