Military Spouse Employment Initiative

USAA, PenFed, and Navy Federal are more concerned than ever about military spouse employment and are joining forces with the help of Blue Star Families. Together, we have formed a strategic alliance to better serve the military community by leveraging our common goals.

Navy Federal

35% of military spouses report that they are not employed but need or want employment*.

USAA, Navy Federal, and PenFed have joined forces to tackle military spouse unemployment. It's no secret that military spouses are underemployed and that COVID-19 has exacerbated employment challenges for military spouses significantly. 

Through this multi-year effort we aim to identify the specific barriers military spouses are facing and how we can bring solutions for long-term military spouse employment. Together, we will build a coalition committed to understanding the issue of military spouse unemployment and help to ensure our military families have greater access to economic stability.

*2020 Military Family Lifestyle Survey

Let’s tackle military spouse employment together!

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“Military spouses are critical to the community and family unit. It is well known that military spouses face unique employment challenges compared to their civilian counterparts, which hinders their careers, family livelihood and the broader military community. Our companies are committed to helping address this critical issue and support the livelihood of our military families and their communities.”

Chief Executive Officers of Navy Federal, PenFed, and USAA

“Military spouses are the backbone of their families and defense communities, which is why our mission to figure out why they continue to face employment challenges is so important. Through this multi-year research project, we’re hoping to uncover barriers and work towards solutions, together.”

Mary McDuffie, President and CEO of Navy Federal Credit Union

“We all have a joint mission to serve those who serve, which means also taking care of military spouses. Now more than ever, military spouses are struggling with employment and underemployment, and we want to do something about it.”

Mary McDuffie, President/CEO of Navy Federal Credit Union

"PenFed is proud to be a part of the historic partnership to spotlight and focus efforts on military spouse employment challenges. PenFed has served the military and defense community for over 86 years, and we truly value the wealth of skills and knowledge military spouses bring to our team."

James Schenck, President and CEO of PenFed Credit Union

“Strong military families are an important foundation of our country. For nearly 100 years, USAA has served them proudly with products, services and philanthropic support to help them achieve financial security. We’re delighted to join with Navy Federal, PenFed, and Blue Star Families to multiply the impact of our efforts to find solutions that will leverage military spouses’ value and keep military families strong. Contributing to this spouse employment initiative is a natural extension of USAA’s ongoing commitment to our mission to serve.”

Wayne Peacock, President and CEO of USAA

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If you are a military spouse seeking employment, an employer interested in learning how to best serve the military-connected community, or if you would like to participate in the multi-year research study on this topic beginning early 2022 please stay in touch with us by filling out the form below:

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The group’s collaborative approach addresses military spouse employment incorporating short and long-term opportunities to address this national issue.