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Welcome to Blue Star Families of New England!

Hello! I am Jeffrey Chin, Executive Director of the newly-formed Blue Star Families of New England Chapter delivered by CSX! I am a New England native, growing up in Rhode Island and living most of my adult life in Massachusetts. My grandfather was a World War II Veteran, and he’s always inspired me to a life of service. I am a proud Navy Reserve Officer, having done tours in the Middle East, at the Pentagon, and in units across the country. In 2018, I was mobilized for a deployment to Afghanistan. It was during this time that it became so evident to me and my family the value of support services for military families and service members. Blue Star Families is the premier nonprofit organization supporting military families, and I am honored to help this new chapter to our community! 

My background as a clinical social worker and nonprofit executive will aid in the growth and vitality of Blue Star Families of New England. Together, we can build a local community composed of our military families, Veterans, caregivers, and civilian neighbors.

Please do not hesitate to contact me to share ways I can make you feel more welcome, encourage your participation at in-person and virtual events, grow engagement on our Facebook page, lend a helping hand as a volunteer, and invite others to join us as a member of Blue Star Families.

If you want to see a stronger presence of Blue Star Families in our area, remember: I cannot do it without you!

Jeffrey Chin
New England Executive Director
[email protected]




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Signature Programs

Homefront and Frontlines Town Hall Series featured image

Town Hall series

Our Homefront & Frontlines Town Hall Series features high-profile speakers covering topics of key importance to military members, Veterans, and their families.


Blue Star Welcome Week

From September 24 to October 2, 2022, communities across the U.S. will welcome military and Veteran families who are new to the neighborhood.

Blue Star Families Starbucks Operation Gratitude gift cards

STARBUCKS: More than a Cup of Coffee

Together with Starbucks, we are committed to strengthening military and Veteran families and connecting Americans to those who serve through opportunities like regular Coffee Connects for military spouses, welcome to the community events, and Yellow Ribbon Trees.

Help build community by sharing your local favorites or signing up to volunteer.


Campaign for Inclusion

All Blue Star Families programming is informed by our research. For this reason, research and advocacy is a key pillar of our Campaign for Inclusion. While all Blue Star Families research in the future will continue to look at data through a racial equity and inclusion lens, our groundbreaking studyThe Diverse Experiences of Military and Veteran Families of Color provides unparalleled insight into how military families experience military life.

Get Settled and Connected

Help sustain our community building efforts or volunteer!

Check out the following national and local resources to empower your family.


Blue Star Careers

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We are listening and working to ensure you have the chance for a fulfilling career during your military journey.

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