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A feeling of community and connection is so important for military families. Having local support makes all the difference! Learn how to build community with your military and Veteran neighbors.

Military and Veteran families are counting on you.

Imagine being separated from your spouse and children for months, frequently uprooting to unfamiliar territory, or even making the tough decision to live apart for reasons related to employment or your childrens’ education. Many of us would never consider it, but our military-connected families endure these experiences regularly. The toll it can take on a family unit is why they need you — their civilian neighbor.

Become a Blue Star Families member and show your support! We make it easy for you to connect with your military neighbors. Together, we can give military- and Veteran-connected families the help they so desperately need…and deserve.

Get local opportunities, discounts, and activities for all the family.

As our civilian neighbor, you can:

Serve as a Blue Star Volunteer

Join your fellow neighbors as you donate your time to support programs that empower military families to thrive.

Sign a Welcome Card

Help military and Veteran families feel at home - share a welcome message and let them know your local favorite businesses.

Access Exclusive Member Benefits

Get your hands on resources designed to improve community well-being and connectedness, thanks to our Blue Star Partners.

Get-to-Know Military Life

Read our publications to better understand the challenges and needs of those who serve.

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