Civilian Neighbor

A feeling of community and connection is so important for military families. Having local support makes all the difference! Learn how to build community with your military and Veteran neighbors.

As a civilian, you play a central role in helping your military-connected neighbors feel welcome.

By extending a friendly hand and embracing your military neighbors, you contribute to a sense of belonging that strengthens community bonds and helps everyone thrive. Joining Blue Star Families is a wonderful way to be involved in showing support to your military neighbors!

The Jacksonville North Pulaski School District gives us a prime example of how they help their military neighbors feel welcome in their community. They actively demonstrate their support to the military community around them, showcasing their commitment to inclusivity and unity. Explore how they go above and beyond to create a welcoming environment for military families!

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As our civilian neighbor, you can:

Serve as a Blue Star Volunteer

Join your fellow neighbors as you donate your time to support programs that empower military families to thrive.

Connect with Military and Veteran Families

Meet the families that you’ve pledged to support and learn more about their experiences in The Neighborhood.

Access Exclusive Member Benefits

Get your hands on resources designed to improve community well-being and connectedness, thanks to our Blue Star Partners.

Get-to-Know Military Life

Read our publications to better understand the challenges and needs of those who serve.

Our Military & Veteran Families Need You

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