Blue Star Coffee Connects

Whether you're looking for an opportunity to get out with the kids for a bit, or new to town and hoping to connect with other military families, our Coffee Connects are for you.

Sharing casual conversation over coffee sounds like such a simple joy, yet can lead to great impact — from helping someone find new resources, allowing them to meet new friends, to increasing someone’s sense of belonging — this simple gesture can have significant results. Blue Star Coffee Connects have been a long-standing component of how we connect with our members and our larger communities. Sponsored through our partnership with Starbucks, we’ve hosted events in over 200 communities across the U.S. and even on bases overseas, all with the focus of providing that third space for military families — a place where they know they are accepted, celebrated, and always welcome!

Check out our events page to see if there’s a local Blue Star Coffee Connect coming up in your area! If there’s not, reach out to your local Chapter Director to learn more about volunteering to lead one in your community, or if you’re not local to a Chapter, connect with Leah Love, our Associate Director of Community Impact ([email protected]) about how to get one started.

"Thank you so much for this. My spouse just deployed, we just moved here and were hit with the hurricane. I needed some time just to sit and talk."

- Tampa Coffee Connect Attendee

"So many of the attendees were eager to swap contact info, stay in touch, plan future get-togethers … Blue Star Families provided that connection space this morning!"

- Virginia Blue Star Coffee Connect Volunteer Lead

"We love seeing when Blue Star Families is having little things like this here. It’s easy for me as a mom to bring the kids and let them be kids. It just makes my day easier."

- West Point Coffee Connect Attendee

Thank you to our Blue Star Coffee Connects partner!

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