The Crisis in Ukraine: Resources for our Military Community

At Blue Star Families almost all of us have experienced the anxiety of combat deployments of a loved one. We stand with you as the situation in Ukraine evolves and are here to support you.

Ukraine Statement

As the situation in Ukraine unfolds we know that you may be feeling scared or uncertain about the status of your service members, your family, and the implications for our country.

We want you to know that Blue Star Families is here for you. Here at BSF we are grateful for the many partners and resources we can mobilize quickly in times of need.

We are a community and it is more important than ever that we lean on each other.

We are proud of all of you, and of how much you have given to be present when our country asks the most of you.

If you have thoughts to share, please let us know what support would help you - what do you want and need right now from your friends and community?

We are here to help and want to know how best to serve you during this challenging time.

Please let us know what help you need most during this uncertain time so we can serve you best.

Connect with us here:

As the events in Ukraine continue to unfold many in our community may be feeling scared or uncertain about what lies ahead. Military members and Veterans may be reliving experiences of the past, and may feel alone in their fear that things will continue to escalate. As the world stands by with heavy hearts waiting for the latest news and thinking about how this crisis will impact our families, service members, and our country, please know that we are here, standing with you, ready to provide you with the support you need during this challenging time.  

As a starting point, we’ve compiled many resources from our friends and partners in the military community and will continue to add to this list as we move forward. Additionally, please connect with us directly to let us know what support you need today so we can help