3 Easy Ways for Your Milfam to Go-Green (Even Living on Base)!

Published: July 5, 2018

Photo: Unsplash

Military life can be tough on the environment, y’all, but you already know that right?! You have probably tossed boxes full of half-used cleaning products, filled trash cans with perfectly good food, and dumped broken furniture from a move (rest in peace, LG E7 OLED). You may feel like these things are unavoidable given our unique circumstances like having to move every two to three years. But, guaranteed, there are things we all can do to help reduce the waste.

Here at Blue Star Families, we want to help because, seriously, we love this beautiful planet that we get to call home. We enlisted an expert and did the dirty work for you (pun intended)!  

John Oppermann, the Director of Earth Day Initiative, joined us live to explain how milfams can go green (Yes, even those living on base!). Our Networks Live! On Demand is chock-full of helpful advice for you to watch and replay at your convenience here.     

In the video, Oppermann highlights the #DOJUST1THING campaign, which is “a way to connect people to simple things they can do in their everyday life,” he says.

After giving a brief history of the environmental movement, Oppermann breaks down three things we can do to help:

  1.    Stop wasting food
  2.    Limit our water usage  
  3.    Conserve energy  

Oppermann goes into WAY MORE detail in his video, we promise. And he gives you actionable steps to take today. But, make sure you watch the full video because we think you’ll be shocked by the little things we’re all doing to contribute to the issue at large.

Okay, are you ready to go green? Watch and learn here:

Earth Day Initiative is a 28-year-old environmental organization that puts together the most high-traffic Earth Day events in the country every spring and administers year-round sustainability programs, including a sustainable food toolkit, a residential renewable energy campaign, and a green building publication.

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