Outdoor Explorers for All

Our Outdoor Explorers for All (OEA) Club offers a family-centered experience over the course of three months, connecting families to the outdoors and each other in a comfortable and inclusive atmosphere.

Through this free program, you can experience:

Weekend events and educational opportunities with park rangers, outdoor enthusiasts, and environmental organizations

Fishing clinics with all gear and tackle provided to keep (at select chapters)

Waterway and park stewardship activities to enhance your adventures outdoors

Outdoor exploration and observation experiences at various National public lands

Bonus gear and activities to enhance your adventures outdoors

A virtual community to share conversations, photos, and stories

What families have to say about OEA:

“We came home to this incredible outdoor explorer box and it made the kids’ entire week!” - Candace, Military Spouse

“First time fishing for 8 of the 10 kids. They loved it and caught 3 fish, 2 kids, and 1 mom.” - Kate, Military Spouse

“[Receiving] our box was such an amazing, fun surprise! With swim team practices starting to take over our days, this box was a fantastic surprise to us that we’re able to incorporate into our day.” - Michelle, Military Spouse

“The weather was perfect for the Prince William, VA fishing event thank you for all the hard work that went into hosting!” - Amy, Military Spouse

“Not only have these events allowed my husband and I to share with our kids a hobby we did growing up, but it's given our kids a hobby they enjoy that they can share and bond with cousins we don't get to see frequently.” - Erin, Military Spouse

"Wow! How fortunate we are to be a part of such an amazing organization. Thanks for taking the time to organize this today, and be there to be present for everyone." - Michelle, Military Spouse

"We had so much fun recently with our fishing gear. Thank you again for such an amazing program!" -Christine, Military Spouse

“We went on an adventure, and our son was SOO excited to use his binoculars! He is still learning which direction to see through the lenses, but he asked me to take pics on our adventure.” - Deborah, Military Spouse

“After 9 consecutive days of baseball games, fishing was the perfect family outing.” - Mia, Military Spouse

“We had so much fun on our fishing adventure at Harper's Ferry NHP yesterday! We didn't catch anything, but found a snail, saw multiple great blue herons, and a snake swam right in front of us.” - Erin, Military Spouse

“Had a great time at Shirley Chisholm State Park. The park rangers taught us some good skills of casting and reeling…boys learned that fishing takes patience.” - Lauren, Military Spouse

"Our girls were so excited when they found out their cousins also fished, and even though we only caught 1 baby perch, having that shared hobby helped all the kids bond quicker.” - Erin, Military Spouse

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Blue Star Outdoor Explorers for All is developed and delivered through a cooperative agreement with the National Park Service.

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