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Welcome to Blue Star Outdoors! This program empowers you to experience tranquility, community, opportunity, and belonging in outdoor spaces everywhere.

From a park locator tool to wellness resources, special programming and events, curated activity content, and connections to our partner organizations, we hope you find the resources and inspiration you and your family need to get outside and connect with nature — no matter where you are living or traveling!


Get Outside

Find your place in the outdoors while on your next trip, PCS adventure, or in your community using the many resources available.

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Wellness and the Outdoors

Explore resources that connect you to the benefits of the outdoors – from boosting physical wellness to supporting mental health, and building community vitality.

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Family Activities

Browse outdoor activities and adventures curated for families and school-aged children.

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Preschool Activities

Access a monthly calendar of DIY outdoor activities for preschool children – generously provided by our friends at Tinkergarten.

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Outdoor Explorers for All

Learn more about our Outdoor Explorers for All Program that is bringing families together as they experience the benefits of the outdoors.

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Partner Organizations

Explore the work of our partner organizations that are on a mission to bring the outdoors to more military-connected families.

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Stories of the Outdoors

Follow along on our adventures with new stories featuring outdoor exploration and connection.

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Find a Blue Star Outdoors or partnering event to attend near you.

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Equity & Inclusion in the Outdoors

Learn about Blue Star Families’ commitment to making the outdoors more inclusive.

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Wellness and the Outdoors

Fostering Racial Equity in Outdoor Spaces for Military-Connected Families

In Partnership with REI Co-op

Every military-connected family deserves to find connection in the outdoors. That is why, at Blue Star Families, we are invested in developing a suite of outdoor programming that is diverse, inclusive, and responsive to the needs of our military-connected community. 

We acknowledge the historical exclusion of people of color in outdoor spaces and commit to doing the work to foster a sense of community and belonging for families of color in all of our outdoor program opportunities.

As we create connections with the land we inhabit, we recognize the hundreds of native tribes who are the traditional custodians and stewards and work to ensure that their presence, voices, and experiences are amplified and honored through Blue Star Outdoors.

The time is now to build more equitable adventures in the outdoors. Want to join forces on this mission?

family equity outdoors

Get Outside

The outdoors are waiting for you! Both state and national park organizations have made it easy to find public land and green spaces to explore, and our friends at Military OneSource offer a recreation locator to find affordable camping and recreation opportunities through the MWR.

As a military or Veteran family, you can also obtain your complimentary annual America The Beautiful Pass at most national park ranger stations and entry gates using your military ID.

While state and regional parks may have entrance fees, when you arrive at the gate, be sure to ask if there are military discounts, and keep an eye out for free entrance days.

Now, what are you waiting for? Find a park or outdoor experience near you!

Stories of the Outdoors


3 Ways to Maximize Your National Parks Trip

If you’ve found yourself longing to catch the outdoor adventure fever going around, but you wince at the thought of enduring a 10-mile vertical ascent to that summit vista you saw on Instagram, know you’re not alone. When it comes to the great outdoors, what defines a great trip is…

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Blue Star Families Partners with Kids in Parks, Giving You Yet Another Reason to Get Outside

Blue Star Families Partners with Kids in Parks, Giving You Yet Another Reason to Get Outside When was the last time you intentionally got outside as a family? As a parent, it’s easy to get wrapped up in everyday life and finding a way to fill the time that you…

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Ranger Betty: Shaping Stories and Inspiring the Next Generation of Trailblazers

Ranger Betty: Shaping Stories and Inspiring the Next Generation of Trailblazers Our national parks tell the stories of people, communities, and movements while connecting us to the lands we call home. These places are only made more treasured by the people who bring them to life through interpretive conversation, education,…

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