Milspouses & Veterans: Launch Yourself into a Tech Career Through the Free WithYouWithMe Program

Published: April 20, 2020

Right now, as military families, we’re facing unprecedented times. And while we’re certainly accustomed to taking unexpected challenges head-on, none of us could have ever anticipated the severe impacts of COVID-19.

So, just as it has for millions of your fellow Americans, maybe the situation we’re facing has affected your employment status. And if that’s true for you, we’re here to share how you can utilize this time at home to launch yourself into a career in one of the fastest-growing fields (aka tech), thanks to FREE virtual programming brought to you by Blue Star Families’ partnership with WithYouWithMe (WYWM).

Here’s some background info on the free program:

The WithYouWithMe online tech training program originated out of Australia, and the organization brought it to the United States to offer it to veterans. Access was then opened up to military spouses, too, to further combat under/unemployment rates. In 2019 alone, our partnership celebrated 30 military spouses earning their certification!

So, last year, Blue Star Families piloted the WithYouWithMe training program in the DMV (D.C., Maryland, and Virginia) area, and as a result, 11 spouses graduated in December 2019. Initially, this program was specific to this location, but because we saw such an interest, WYWM opened it up to anyone, anywhere

What does the training include?

WYWM offers training for military spouses in Cybersecurity, Cloud, Data Science, Robotics Process Automation, and IT. Plus, the courses are internationally certified and respected by industry leaders. Why should these fields interest you? Because they often come with great flexibility, viable salaries, mentally-stimulating work, and plenty of career paths. Those are things we can all appreciate!

Are you ready to dive right in and obtain a free certification? WYWM is eager to help you identify your potential and match you with a new career in emerging tech. The best part? The journey with the organization doesn’t end the moment you get your hands on a certification. Instead, you’ll continuously feel supported thanks to a collaborative training model, instructors, and career coaches.

So, what are you waiting for? Launch your tech career today with WYWM!

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