Need a Safe Summer Activity? Try This!

July 22, 2020

While the summer means a break from virtual learning and homeschooling efforts, it also represents new challenges. Travel bans are lifting, and PCSing has started. Your home, including toys and games, may all be packed up, ready to be shipped. Plus, camps and activities originally scheduled to keep kids busy and entertained are probably canceled, leaving your family with the question – what should we do with the kids all summer? 

Blue Star Families hopes to help answer that question! On top of launching Blue Star Summer Camp: The Home Edition, we’ve got another great family activity for you to try! This one involves a moving box (or one of the Amazon boxes piled up from all of those pandemic purchases), some creativity, and our Blue Star Neighbor Jolly Time Pop Corn

Here’s the gist: 

Host a “drive-in movie” night with your kids! 

  1. Shop any Walmart store to grab a Jolly Time “Help Our Troops” Blast O Butter 3-pack of popcorn. A percentage of all purchases, now through September 15, will be donated to four military-affiliated nonprofits, including Blue Star Families! As donation amounts are based on votes, scroll down to the very end of this post to learn how you can show your support! 
  2. Grab a moving box or Amazon box and a few supplies to create your moving boxcar. Follow the instructions found below to create your car! Then, set it up in your living room with your favorite movie, your delicious Jolly Time popcorn, and enjoy a fun night together. Be sure to share the fun with us by tagging @BlueStarFamilies and using the hashtag #BlueStarFamilies on social media!
  3. If you’re able, take it one step further with a socially distanced neighborhood drive-in! Build meaningful community connections and have your neighbors join in on the fun. Project the movie on a garage or a hung sheet! Just remember to “park” 6 feet apart, and pick up enough Jolly Time Popcorn for everyone to have their own bowls. 

Cardboard Box Car Supplies: 

  1. Large cardboard box
  2. Paper plates (5)
  3. Markers, crayons, paint and/or stickers 
  4. Tape, paper clip or pipe cleaners (anything to attach the paper plates to the box)

Cardboard Box Car Instructions: 

  1. Fold in or remove the top flaps of the cardboard box.
  2. Let your kids have fun decorating their cardboard box car. 
    1. Tip #1: If you have a young toddler, sit them inside the car with markers for a controlled mess and an activity they will enjoy while you get things done! 
    2. Tip #2: Have stickers available for easy decorating, and encourage your kids to pick a number to put on the side of their car to make it into a race car for continued play after your drive-in movie night. 
  3. Attach a paper plate to each corner of the box to be the car’s wheels. 
  4. Attach a paper plate to the inside, front panel of the box to be the car’s steering wheel. 
    1. Tip: If you have it available, use a paper clip or pipe cleaner to attach the wheels and steering wheel so you can turn it. If you don’t have those on hand, the tape will do! 

Want to show your support for Blue Star Families?

It’s easy! While your kids are distracted watching their movie, take a minute to vote for Blue Star Families to win Jolly Time Pop Corn’s “Help Our Troops” campaign here →  

Voting is open now through September 15th. Again, donation amounts are based on the number of votes received, so please vote and then tell a friend to vote! 

And there you have it. A safe, creative idea for new summertime memories—all while supporting Blue Star Families (THANK YOU!).