Meet Kathleen: Month of the Military Child

Published: April 7, 2021

Meet Kathleen: Month of the Military Child

Meet Kathleen. She grew up as a Milkid, and now she’s a Blue Star Families fellow doing big things. Both of Kathleen’s parents served in the military before retiring in 2008. After their retirement, her family remained connected to the military, keeping Kathleen grounded in the hardworking military culture. 

When Kathleen started college at Princeton, it was the first time she felt disconnected from her military roots. “Being away from a military community, from that incredible support system, really confirmed how important military families are to me,” Kathleen said. “I was introduced to the idea of service from a young age. Watching my parents serve in the military has definitely influenced my desire to pursue a service-filled career and life.”

That desire to give back led her to her current Blue Star Families fellowship. “Working as a Blue Star Families fellow, I can make a difference by helping to increase representation among our survey respondents so all military families are heard and recognized.” 

And we know when MilFam’s feel heard and supported, mission readiness improves. But Kathleen’s work doesn’t end there. She’s already thinking about the best way for her to make the biggest difference possible for MilFams in the future. What better way than by serving in the U.S. Senate? Fun fact: Her long-term goal is to be the first female Senator of Virginia. 

As a determined Milkid who’s grown up to do great things, we have no doubt she’ll get there.

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