Operation Family Resilience

Published: June 10, 2022

Military families, we’re checking in on you. Are you taking care of yourself? 

We ask because you may be feeling a bit heavy with everything that’s happened these last two years. It’s a lot, this pandemic and civil unrest, right? We feel it, too. 

Why has it hit our military community particularly hard? Because, as military families, we know firsthand the risk of exacerbated stress and anxiety. It jeopardizes mission readiness and puts us at risk of not being able to defend our country during a crisis.

But, here’s one thing we know.

Taking care of ourselves helps. And that’s why we’re here on the blog today, to let you know about a new resource available to military families like yours. It’s called Operation Family Resiliency (OFR), and you should check it out right now

OFR is a collaboration between Humana Military, Blue Star Families, Military Family Advisory Network (MFAN), and Team Red, White & Blue (Team RWB). Now through October, we’re on a mission to provide regular opportunities for you to connect, find support, and build enduring relationships via our collective resources and events designed to advance your overall well-being.

OFR launched at MFAN’s Combat Military Hunger Food Distribution Event in Virginia on May 21st. We were there packing bags because we know from our Blue Star Research that food insecurity and hunger rates are far too high in our military community. We’re committed to helping put an end to this issue, finding long-term solutions, and providing immediate boots-on-the-ground assistance, so when our friends shared this opportunity, we raised our hand to help.

Next, we’ll support Team RWB’s 1776 Challenge, a fitness event for Veterans and supporters of all ability levels, from June 17th through July 4th. Together we can strengthen our physical and mental abilities in a safe and supportive environment. It’s an 18-day commitment but worth every minute. Please join us.

Here at Blue Star Families, we know that acknowledging our health is essential now more than ever — because our mission readiness depends on it. 

So, tell us. Will you join us in keeping a pulse on your well-being?  

Let us help. Discover what OFR is all about and sign up for our free events and tools at humanamilitary.com/OFR

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