How Military Spouses Can Bridge Resume Gaps and Land Their Dream Jobs

Published: June 26, 2023


Have you ever had gaps in your resume? Maybe you took a break to raise your kids, or care for a loved one. Whatever the reason, having gaps in your resume can make it challenging to transition back into the workforce. The good news is this doesn’t stop you from reaching your career dreams!

Meet Yuleisy and Abigael, two military spouses who faced similar challenges. Both wanted to contribute to their family’s financial future, but they didn’t know how to juggle military life and a career. Then, they discovered T-Mobile’s military spouse hiring initiative.

Through the Hiring Our Heroes Fellowship program, Yuleisy and Abigael became fellows for T-Mobile’s Military & Diversity Recruiting department. Yuleisy now works as a Corporate Recruiter, while Abigael is on the path of becoming a Talent Sourcer. Both are thriving in their paid roles as part of #TeamMagenta. So, what can you learn from Yuleisy and Abigael’s story? 

First, having gaps in your resume doesn’t have to be a deal-breaker. Many employers, like T-Mobile, are open to hiring individuals who have taken time off for personal reasons. Second, fellowship programs can be incredibly helpful in transitioning back into the workforce.

At Blue Star Families, our goal is to solve specific challenges for military and veteran families, including career development, so that they can thrive. T-Mobile, one of our amazing Blue Star Partners, offers a range of services and resources, including career coaching, resume building, and job search assistance. Whatever your career aspirations may be, we’re here to help you achieve them. We’re always sending qualified spouses their way.

Are you ready to get hired? T-Mobile has thousands of career openings across the country, and they want to hire YOU, a military spouse! Follow Abigael’s and Yuleisy’s steps and connect with a #TeamMagenta recruiter. Join T-Mobile’s Talent Community for the latest updates on Veterans and military spouse opportunities here.

P.S. T-Mobile offers exclusive discounts for military and veteran families. Learn more about how they support our military community. Shop plans and devices. 

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