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Published: May 11, 2023

Meet Abigael. She’s a Marine spouse who was a stay-at-home mom until she joined T-Mobile’s Hiring Our Heroes Fellowship that helped change her career success and family’s finances for the better. Before the fellowship, she was aggressively applying for jobs but wasn’t having any luck moving forward. 

Abigael, a foreign-born spouse, left her life and job in Denmark in order for her husband to keep pursuing his career in the Marine Corps. She waited to work until she received her work permit in the U.S. When she was finally able to work, she became a mom to her daughter. “When she was big enough for daycare, we were about to PCS, which made it hard to start a new job. If we had been able to stay in the last place, we would have signed her up for daycare so I could start working when she turned one. Instead we had to wait until we knew our next duty station, sign her up, and wait for her to get a spot.” 

Despite having a difficult time getting back to work, Abigael knew she wanted to pursue her dreams. “I have a master’s degree that I would like to use and I also want to feel like I am succeeding with something outside of our house and I like to contribute to our family’s finances so we can have the lifestyle we would like.” 

After connecting with a fellow military spouse (and Blue Star Families members) on LinkedIn, Abigael applied for the Hiring Our Heroes Fellowship and, later, via the program, became a fellow for T-Mobile. Abigael is currently in the fellowship and is looking forward to applying for a position in human resources.

For military spouses pursuing their next career move, Abigael highly recommends joiningT-Mobile. “Everyone seems to love working at T-Mobile, which only proves my impression that it is a great place to work. As a mom, I really appreciate the work-life balance they provide, not only because my fellowship is remote but they also have an understanding of family life.” Even though it felt long-awaited, she’s ready to continue on her pathway to her ultimate HR career. 

When asked how her work contributes to her well-being, she said, “It definitely helps make me feel more accomplished as a person. Working and having a good job is a large part of my idea of succeeding.”Ready to work toward your dream career path like Abigael? T-Mobile offers thousands of career openings nationwide and wants to hire military spouses like YOU. Follow Abigael’s steps and connect with a #TeamMagenta recruiter. Join our T-Mobile Talent Community for the latest updates on Veterans and military spouse opportunities here.

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