BSF Has Partnered With Caribu!

Caribu is donating free subscriptions of their interactive reading platform to all currently serving U.S. military in appreciation for their great service to our country.

Caribu is an award-winning education platform that helps parents, extended family, and mentors to read and draw with children when they’re not in the same location. We are “FaceTime meets Kindle”, for kids. An in-app library has hundreds of books in six languages, and interactive educational workbooks from leading children’s publishers focused on ages 0-7. The result is an engaging experience in a carefully designed, curated, and secure platform. Caribu is game-changing for the hundreds of millions of families that are separated by distance and stay connected to their children through mobile and tablet devices.

Military families can enjoy books focused on military children in their dedicated Blue Star Families category in the Caribu app. We have tons of military family-focused books to read to your children whether you’re deployed or have PCS’ed recently and are away from family.

Join Blue Star Families below (current members – please complete the form so we know you’re interested) and get access to Caribu today!


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