San Diego/Camp Pendleton Chapter

Welcome to Blue Star Families of San Diego!

As your San Diego Chapter Director, my goal is to be here for you.

Through partnering with local organizations, creating engaging programs, and sharing unique opportunities, I hope to help you and your family gain a sense of belonging to our community. Whether you are here for a short while or for longer, I invite you to be part of our adventures and special events.

Follow our Facebook page to stay up-to-date on our Chapter’s latest activities, and share your stories, too.

Together, we are creating a San Diego that supports and celebrates military and Veteran families.

Until we meet in person, send me an email and let me know what I can do for you.

Maggie Meza
San Diego Chapter Director
[email protected]




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Signature Programs


Join us in the Blue Star Neighborhood

Blue Star Neighborhood is our new online community exclusively for Blue Star Families members and the newest way to connect with other military spouses and families. You'll find all the latest information about your chapter there as well as access to signing up for events, perks, and exciting exclusive content.

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Town Hall series

Our Homefront & Frontlines Town Hall Series features high-profile speakers covering topics of key importance to military members, Veterans, and their families.

Blue Star Families Starbucks Operation Gratitude gift cards

STARBUCKS: More than a Cup of Coffee

Together with Starbucks, we are committed to strengthening military and Veteran families and connecting Americans to those who serve through opportunities like regular Coffee Connects for military spouses, welcome to the community events, and Yellow Ribbon Trees.

Help build community by sharing your local favorites or signing up to volunteer.


Campaign for Inclusion

All Blue Star Families programming is informed by our research. For this reason, research and advocacy is a key pillar of our Campaign for Inclusion. While all Blue Star Families research in the future will continue to look at data through a racial equity and inclusion lens, our groundbreaking studyThe Diverse Experiences of Military and Veteran Families of Color provides unparalleled insight into how military families experience military life.

Get Settled and Connected

Help sustain our community building efforts or volunteer!

Check out the following national and local resources to empower your family.

Blue Star Careers

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We are listening and working to ensure you have the chance for a fulfilling career during your military journey.

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