Helping Strong Families Be Even Stronger

Military life is different and can be difficult. Frequent moves, deployments, and transitions can make it hard for military families to establish strong, trusted networks.


Programs for caregivers and member benefits support the goal of making strong families even stronger. Wellness of the entire family–across the whole lifecycle of military service from enlistment to retirement and into Veteran status–is important.

At Blue Star Families, we’ve “been there, done that” because we are a team of military spouses and Veterans. We know what it’s like to be part of a military family, and we know that life for the service member is easier when there is a healthy and happy family at home.

We hope you enjoy taking a little time for you and continuing your education in the caregiving space.


Caregivers Empowering Caregivers (CEC)

CEC social events were specifically developed to strengthen our military family members who are caring for their veteran or service member. While focusing on the importance of self-care in a social setting that encourages resource sharing and peer support, we hope to encourage connections that will strengthen you on your journey as a caregiver.

Look for year-round CEC events in your local BSF newsletter!


Blue Star Cares

Blue Star Cares is the first-of-its-kind avatar-based technology developed to support caregivers like you! This innovative project, made possible with the generous support of the United Health Foundation, incorporates evidence-based training and peer-based support networks to enhance continuity of care. You’ll experience conversational training and get access to a toolkit to help you help your spouse.

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Caregiver Coffee Chats

Caregiver Coffee Chats: Take time for yourself or grab the kids and your spouse and join one of our monthly coffee chats. Enjoy a free cup on us while connecting with other caregivers and community members. All chats are tailored to meet the needs of local audiences and can provide a platform to learn about local resources in your area while developing new friendships.

Look for details about our monthly Coffee Chats in your local BSF newsletter

Digital Resources

Our resources are constantly updated on our website as we partner with other organizations to provide continued educational opportunities and resources.


SCRC’s Annual Military and Veteran Family Conference

Caring for someone suffering from a Traumatic Brain Injury & Post-Traumatic Stress can be overwhelming. Recognizing the importance of the family caregiver role and the profound impact of the “new normal” is essential. You are all invited to SCRC’s Annual military and veteran family conference, “Strong Caregiver, Stronger Families” scheduled March 8th, 2019 at the Chinese…


Caregiver Family Game Day

Caregivers & Families are invited to relax and interact with a variety of indoor and outdoor games including chess, checkers, dominoes, spades, backgammon, scale, Cranium Dark, Twister and more. Games tables will include reflective questions for the caregivers to contemplate/discuss while playing. Volunteers will be on site to give beginner chess lessons. Stand Beside Them…


Family Game Day and Coaching for Caregivers

Our partner at Stand Beside Them is providing life, health, and career coaching as well as tools and strategies to help you live a better 2019! Whether it is in seeking employment, starting a new business, going back to school, or trying something totally new that aligns with your skills and values, Stand Beside Them…