Help Us Recognize a #MilFam Member Who’s Endured Murphy’s Law of Deployment

Published: September 29, 2020

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It doesn’t take long as a military family member to learn about Murphy’s Law … Murphy’s Law of deployment that is. Anything that can break will break. Or, more generally, anything that can go wrong will go wrong.

The washer explodes, causing a flood? Sure. One of the kids breaks an arm attempting a double backflip off the bed? You bet! Car dies at the most inconvenient time possible, leaving you to buy a new one solo with three tired kids in tow? Sounds about right.

Want to know what makes everything even more of a challenge? A global pandemic, that’s what! This year has brought on more hurdles than anyone could have imagined. We’re talking stop movement orders leading to deployment extensions, weeks-long quarantines when your service member spouse finally gets to come home, and figuring out how to be teachers while working and managing everything else, just to name a few.

It’s a good thing military family members are so resilient, right? They are some of the strongest, most independent people we know. Case in point: why spend a ton of money calling in a professional when you can watch a couple of YouTube videos and figure out how to fix the plumbing yourself?

Still, this year has been hard. So we thought we’d bring a little positivity to 2020, with the help of Ford Motor Company, an awesome #BlueStarNeighbor!

Help us recognize an awesome military family member in YOUR life!

Know someone who’s been a total rockstar throughout this pandemic? Of course you do. And we want to hear all about the crazy things they’ve been dealing with and how they’ve powered through!

Guess what? Ford Motor Company’s support doesn’t stop there. Selected nominees will also receive a swag bag full of items from its new Proud to Honor apparel line! One hundred percent of Ford profits will be donated to military charities, one of which is Blue Star Families!

So, tell us! Who are you Proud to Honor?

The nomination period has ended.

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