Managing MilLife Stress with Spiritune

Published: May 26, 2021

The reality is, being a military family can be hard. It’s often unpredictable and that uncertainty can end up causing a lot of stress and anxiety, especially for those families also navigating a deployment or long term separation. In fact,  according to the 2020 Military Family Lifestyle Survey, nearly half (47%) of active-duty family respondents report they need access to mental health services to support them while they/their service member is deployed. But access to care or even finding the time to fit mental health care into an already hectic schedule can be challenging. 

Sarah, a Navy spouse and mother of two, understands those challenges. Her family has moved four times with the military so far, have endured five deployments, and are currently six months into a two year separation since her family decided to geobach for their most recent move. Sarah’s family isn’t alone in their decision to geobach. Nearly a quarter (23%) of active-duty family respondents to the 2020 MFLS reported they had geo-bached (when a military family chooses to live in a different location from the service member) in the last five years. The most common reasons are for spouse employment or their children’s education. While geobaching does provide some amount of stability for families, it also leaves one parent to manage household responsibilities, which is stressful. 

Finding ways to manage that stress is so important. Why? Because we know that when families are stressed at home, mission readiness suffers. But there’s good news! Blue Star Families is working hard everyday to create programs, partnerships and events to support military families and their mental health. A few amazing Blue Star Partnershave stepped up in a major way and are working hard to meet military families where they are by providing resources for mental health care that can be used at home on an everyday basis. 

How does Sarah manage her stress? By using Spiritune, an app that uses music therapy to address your current mood and guide you to a more positive mindset. Spiritune allows you to have access to mental healthcare anywhere, anytime. “Spiritune allows me to unwind and transition into a calmer mindset,” Sarah explained. “Knowing such a thoughtfully made app supports families like mine is so powerful.” 

Want more good news? Every Blue Star Families member has access to Spiritune FOR FREE! Like Sarah, you too can utilize this app in support of your mental health today. 

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