Outdoor Explorers for All: Changing the Game for Military Family Outdoor Adventures

Published: July 8, 2024

Blue Star Families members, including military children and adults fishing together during an outdoors experience.

by Jillian Johnson

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In the latest episode of Blue Star Stories, I had the pleasure of chatting with Kailey Brown, the Program Manager for Outdoor Explorers for All at Blue Star Families. Kailey's passion for connecting military families with the outdoors shines through as she discusses the program’s diverse activities and experiences. Read on for just some of the ways Outdoor Explorers for All helps foster a love of the outdoors for military families.

Overcoming Barriers to Enjoying the Outdoors

Kailey understands that only some people feel comfortable in the outdoors right away. She acknowledges common concerns, such as unfamiliarity with outdoor activities and safety issues in different regions. According to Kailey, "Everybody deserves to experience the outdoors. Don't set yourself up for failure by thinking that it needs to look a certain way. You can put on a pair of sneakers, get outside for a walk, and start there. And that is good enough."

Tailored Outdoor Adventures

One of Outdoor Explorers for All's strengths lies in its tailored approach to outdoor activities. Kailey explains, "I curate five different outdoor adventures for our military families. These events can be anything from stargazing to tide pooling, hiking to cave tours. The goal is for families to see what really speaks to them."

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Building Confidence and Community in the Outdoors

A key aspect of Kailey's work is fostering a sense of community and belonging among military families through shared outdoor experiences. "I thrive on giving families experiences that make them want to continue to adventure, whatever that looks like for them," says Kailey.

Looking Ahead

As Kailey looks forward to expanding the program to include camping adventures in the coming year, she remains committed to breaking down barriers and opening new doors for families to enjoy nature together. "I'm really excited about next year and providing an experience for families that could feel far-fetched to some who have never done it before," she shares.

If you're curious about Kailey's insights and Outdoor Explorers for All’s impactful work, listen to the full podcast on the Blue Star Neighborhood. Discover stories like Kailey's, and join the Blue Star Outdoors group to stay up-to-date on upcoming events and opportunities near you.

By exploring the outdoors with Kailey Brown and Outdoor Explorers for All, you, too, can find your own connection to nature! Start small, step outside, and see where your outdoor journey takes you. Don’t forget to tune in to Blue Star Stories for more inspiring tales of adventure and community.

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