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Caregivers Empowering Caregivers: What are they saying?

So we've had a few Caregivers Empowering Caregivers workshops. And while we would just love to shine a giant, I-can-see-it-from-space-light on these amazing caregivers, we want to respect their privacy!  But we wanted to share a few comments that help illustrate how powerful these events are for our caregivers: 

"Loved the Yoga Breaks ..."

"The facilitators were very empowering, kind, extremely knowledgeable."

"I wish the workshop was longer!" 

"Enjoyed connecting with others, the resources were helpful.  Gave me tools to be proactive."

"Enjoyed that they reminded me to take care of myself." 

"Full day would have been more helpful!"

"Thank you, great experience to see how I/my family is doing and where we can do more.  So helpful, also great to be with people who are in different phases of the caregiver continuum."

AnnaMaria White, a BSF'er attended and had a few things to say about it: "For me, I think one of the best parts was seeing the caregivers really engaged in the program. We covered a lot of heavy topics, and every one was asking questions and offering ideas and advice to each other."

Tons of valuable information is shared in a constructive and supportive way at the workshops and because all the attendees are caregivers, they share advice, ideas, and resources with one another -- it's really a one of a kind event.  DON'T MISS OUR TEXAS WORKSHOP! And if you have a minute, you can read a great article that appeared in the San Diego Union Tribune!    CLICK HERE >>>