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Financial Tips for Deployment

So you’re getting ready for a deployment? It can seem overwhelming, especially if you’re the one who will be in charge of the finances while your spouse is deployed. Although there isn’t really an “up side” to your loved one deploying, many families find that they’re able to bank a little extra money during this…

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From Fellow to Full-Time and Lessons I Learned Along the Way

by Hisako Sonethavilay After birthing my first child and being geographically isolated from career enhancing opportunities, I, like many military spouses, experienced a career hiatus. When we relocated to a more metropolitan area, I was confident I could easily re-enter the workforce. Yet, the gap in my resume and uncertainty of where to find opportunities…

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What is a PTSD Trigger?

Though an “invisible injury”, PTSD or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder becomes visible when “triggered”. In simple terms, a PTSD Trigger is a particular sight, smell, or sound that sets off a cascade of symptoms, many of which vary between each person. Before your eyes, your family member goes on alert, they may have a surge of…

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It is our pleasure to announce the 2015 Salute to Distinction Quarter 4 Award Winner: Elizabeth…

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5 Key Steps Toward Financial Literacy

Financial literacy, financial capability, financial understanding.
Whatever the name…

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Active Listening- Especially When At-Risk

You’ve heard this before, but listening – really listening – is important. We don’t mean…

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Care for the Caregiver during the Holidays

For most Americans, the six weeks from Thanksgiving through New Year’s is a festive time of celebration, fun and family. Parties, community events, shopping, and all of the great food are what the holidays have come to mean. But for caregivers, this time can be trying, challenging and stressful. Living with and caring for a…

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