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Since 2016, Blue Star Families has supported military spouses through the Careers program by connecting them to meaningful resources, employment, certifications, and more.

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We empower military spouses to obtain meaningful career opportunities through resources and partnerships that align with the military lifestyle and open doors to
the workforce.

We join forces with  employers who want to connect with the highly-skilled and  determined military spouse community via local or national spotlights, webinars, workshops, and virtual introductions.

We use our comprehensive research and data to address military spouse employment challenges while partnering with employers, policymakers, and resource providers to make positive systematic improvements.


Join our virtual community for military spouses! You won't want to miss exclusive VIP invites to weekly virtual events and real-time career opportunities.

Training & Certifications

Explore no-cost, tech-focused training and certifications that amplify success with your career readiness thanks to our Blue Star Partners.

Be Career Ready

Looking for career training, career coaching, mentorship, and employment support? Together with our Blue Star Partners, we've got you covered!

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Join us for virtual interviews, workshops, trainings, employer spotlights, resource discussions, and more!

Remote Work & Side Gigs

Ready to work today—whether from home, in an office, for a season, or permanently? We have the connections to help you land a position that works for you.

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