Karissa Poe

Tennessee Chapter Director

Karissa joined Blue Star Families in 2019 as the Tennessee Chapter Director. She has 15 years of experience as a Military Spouse and has volunteered and worked for many organizations that service Military Service members and their Families throughout the years. Karissa has a keen interest and desire to serve Soldiers and their Family Members.

Karissa’s life experiences have led her to pursue many diverse educational opportunities. She obtained a Bachelor of Science in Clinical Laboratory Science from Bethune-Cookman University in 2003; went on to pursue a master’s degree in Healthcare Administration in 2008 and a Master of Business Administration from University of Maryland University College in 2010. Karissa is a lifelong learner who enjoys research and planning.

Prior to joining Blue Star Families, she has held positions such as Installation Special Events Coordinator and Recreation Delivery Program Manager where she had the opportunity to plan and deliver events based on the needs of the community she lived and served in. Karissa also held the position of Community Services Coordinator for a Privatized Military Housing provider where her role consisted of planning and organizing community events through partnering with stakeholders and sponsors. She has also worked in the Financial and Insurance industry where she served as a solutions specialist for military service members and their families. Karissa has over 15 years of event and program management experience. She has planned, organized, and executed events that formed partnerships that benefitted service members, their families, and the civilian community at large.

Karissa volunteers, plan events, and enjoy spending time with her daughter in her spare time. She enjoys helping others and provides consultation on program planning for several organizations in her local community. Karissa’s favorite Blue Star Resource is Blue Star Books because she is an advocate for literacy as it is the gateway to learning and understanding.