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Jennifer | Recruiting Coordinator

January 27, 2023

Meet Jennifer. She’s a Navy Veteran and an Army spouse. Although she has had a solid career serving in the military, she’s struggled with finding and keeping a job as…

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3 Valentine’s Day Ideas for Military Couples on a Budget

January 27, 2023

For military couples, spending holidays together can be happenchance thanks to deployments and trainings. And if you are together, you want it to be special.  If you’re looking for ideas…

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Generation Shifts Lead to Generational Growth

January 26, 2023

Happy New Year! I hope 2023 is off to a fantastic start for you and that you were able to enjoy the holidays.   For me, I got to do one…

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David | Enterprise Account Executive

January 24, 2023

“The military community is a community used to dealing with difficult situations. They’re used to not giving up [and] going at a problem until it’s taken care of.” And that’s…

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Yves | Salesforce Consultant

January 19, 2023

Meet Yves. She’s an Army spouse who was making ends meet until she heard about a free program that helped change her family’s financial trajectory for the better. Despite having…

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Priscilla | Business Analyst

January 9, 2023

Meet Priscilla. She’s an Army spouse who faced her financial challenges head-on by proving that the unicorn job she desired – remote, flexible, and well-paying – exists and is now…

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An expecting Lydiah poses in the middle, standing alongside her husband, son, and eight other soldiers at her baby shower.

An Unseen Issue: Navigating Life as a Foreign-Born Military Family

January 4, 2023

When Kenyan-born Lydiah Owiti arrived in the United States, she had 12 days to learn how to drive a car, find a grocery store, and discover American customs. After day…

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New Year, New Opportunity to Prepare for the Unexpected

December 30, 2022

For military families, the uncertainty of frequent moves, deployments, and other unexpected events can make saving for the future feel like a never-ending obstacle. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways…

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Zanade Mann poses, sits at a desk in front of a laptop.

An Interview with Zanade Mann, DEPLOY Fellow of the New York Tri-State Area

December 22, 2022

Blue Star Families’ Campaign for Inclusion is making significant headway in its second year, with a new cohort of DEPLOY Fellows taking on initiatives in various realms. The DEPLOY (Diversify…

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