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Guardians of Our Troops: Addressing Lethal Means in the Military Community

October 26, 2023

Our military community is as vast and varied as it is tenacious. Yet, despite their resilience, the people of this community have a higher risk of dying by suicide than…

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Your Ultimate October Guide for Military Families on the Move

October 6, 2023

  Moving as a military family can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. While the fall season is just beginning, we know firsthand the stress and upheaval that…

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In Peers We Trust: An Effective Approach to Combatting Veteran Suicide

September 22, 2023

By: Lindsay Knight The suicide rate among Veterans is a national tragedy. In 2022, an estimated 17 Veterans died by suicide every day. This is a rate that is more…

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Blue Star Families Launches New Campaign — Do Your Part: For Military Families & The Common Defense

September 15, 2023

Yesterday, Blue Star Families began rolling out its new “Do Your Part” campaign to create a national coalition supported by Craig Newmark and craig newmark philanthropies. The multi-year campaign aims…

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New duty station? Your identity and finances could be at risk. Protect your family with Aura.

September 14, 2023

As you settle into your new home and gear up for the new school year, those of you who recently PCS’d or are still in the process of doing so should review Aura’s top five tips for keeping your family safe from cybercrime and online theft during a move.

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Libraries — A Key Resource for Military Families on the Move

September 13, 2023

Libraries are particularly well-suited to welcome our military families. While many continue to host family favorite events like children’s story times, they have also evolved over the years to provide enhanced resources and opportunities such as outdoor exploring packs available for check-out or membership access for local attractions. 

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Shattering the Stigma: Mental Health Conversations We Owe Our Veterans

September 12, 2023

By: Kali Hoffman It’s an unfortunate reality that the bravest among us, our veterans and active service members, often wage a silent war against mental health issues. This fight, unlike…

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Addressing the Mental Health Crisis among LGBTQIA+ Youth with Military-Connected Parents

September 7, 2023

The spectrum of struggles encountered by LGBTQIA+ youth in military families remains largely unexplored, residing in the peripheries of common public consciousness. Nevertheless, these challenges are authentic, multilayered, and demand…

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Unseen Soldiers: Recognizing the Critical Role of Military Caregivers in the Fight Against Veteran Suicide

September 4, 2023

America is home to an invisible army, about 5.5 million strong, working tirelessly every day. This vast force isn’t made up of soldiers, marines, or sailors, but of caregivers to…

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