Military Spouse Employment Initiative

The military spouse unemployment rate (21%) has not significantly changed since 2015.* That’s why USAA, Navy Federal Credit Union, and PenFed have joined forces to tackle military spouse employment through a multi-year effort aimed at understanding specific employment barriers and identifying solutions for long-term spouse employment.

*2021 Active-Duty Spouse Survey


Ready to find success as a career-minded military spouse — even in the face of many challenges the military lifestyle throws your way? With Blue Star Careers, you can achieve your goals by accessing comprehensive career development resources — no matter where your military journey takes you.

USAA, PenFed, and Navy Federal are more concerned than ever about military spouse employment and are joining forces with the help of Blue Star Families. Together, we have formed a strategic alliance to better serve the military community by leveraging our common goals.


Whether you're a military spouse looking for employment opportunities, or an employer exploring ways to find good talent, Blue Star Families is there. Together with our partners, we're building diverse pipelines and boosting the visibility of the military community workforce. It's the perfect blend of research and action that will help you "Rock Your Job!"


Pop the Confetti! T-Mobile is Hiring Military Spouses

Pop the confetti because we’re here to share some good news!     Military spouses really do get hired by our trusted Blue Star Partners. Check this out!  Jennifer – a Navy Veteran and Army Spouse – landed a dream career with T-Mobile via a Blue Star Families introduction and successful completion of the Hiring Our Heroes Fellowship. After years of putting others first, it’s finally her…

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Angela | Salesforce Technology DEPLOY Fellow

Meet Angela, a Veteran military spouse and mother to two boys. Her husband served for 30 years, and as any military family knows, change is a constant. Despite the nomadic lifestyle, Angela has proudly taken on the role of steadfast support for her family. However, she recently took a leap of faith to pursue her desire to obtain a career, which led her to become…

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Jennifer | Recruiting Coordinator

Meet Jennifer. She’s a Navy Veteran and an Army spouse. Although she has had a solid career serving in the military, she’s struggled with finding and keeping a job as a civilian. That is until she learned about the fellowship opportunities with T-Mobile.  After serving in the military, Jennifer made the decision with her husband to stay at home with their three young children while…

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David | Enterprise Account Executive

“The military community is a community used to dealing with difficult situations. They’re used to not giving up [and] going at a problem until it’s taken care of.” And that’s why T-Mobile wants to hire military spouses and Veterans like YOU. Meet David, also known as Mr. Magenta. David is a family man, who’s been an integral part of the T-Mobile team since 2014. He…

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Yves | Salesforce Consultant

Meet Yves. She’s an Army spouse who was making ends meet until she heard about a free program that helped change her family’s financial trajectory for the better. Despite having her Master’s degree, Yves had to make many compromises in her professional career because of the nomadic military lifestyle she married into 19 years ago. Like most spouses, she realized early on that her career…

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Priscilla | Business Analyst

Meet Priscilla. She’s an Army spouse who faced her financial challenges head-on by proving that the unicorn job she desired – remote, flexible, and well-paying – exists and is now hers.    That’s right. Priscilla, who was studying to be a lawyer and then a teacher, is now a business analyst at HigherEchelon. That’s all because she stepped out of her comfort zone and enrolled in…

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If you are a military spouse seeking employment, an employer interested in learning how to best serve the military-connected community, or if you would like to participate in the multi-year research study on this topic beginning early 2022 please stay in touch with us by filling out the form below:

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Military Spouse Employment Initiative Partners

This alliance of like-minded partners is committed to bringing short- and long-term opportunities to life that address the national issue of military spouse unemployment.

Thank you to our funding partners who help keep the mission going!