Jennifer | Recruiting Coordinator

Published: January 27, 2023

Meet Jennifer. She’s a Navy Veteran and an Army spouse. Although she has had a solid career serving in the military, she’s struggled with finding and keeping a job as a civilian. That is until she learned about the fellowship opportunities with T-Mobile

After serving in the military, Jennifer made the decision with her husband to stay at home with their three young children while also focusing on her education. Thanks to frequent military moves, it took her roughly seven years to graduate, but she reached her goal and received her bachelor's degree. On top of that, she still managed the household, volunteered in the community, and made an impact with her husband’s units and spouses’ clubs. Military spouses like Jennifer are truly talented! 

Every military spouse has a unique set of skills that any employer would be excited to have. Skills like flexibility, the ability to adapt, being extremely organized, and the ability to pinpoint small details at the drop of a hat — and that’s not including skills learned from previous careers or hobbies! Unfortunately, the unique military lifestyle can often be a deterrent for potential employers. “As a military spouse, I have moved six times, including outside of the continental US (OCONUS). It’s impacted [my career] in numerous ways.” 

Despite having a harder time starting a civilian career, Jennifer knew she wanted to pursue her dreams and put her stamp on things. She knew she could use her background to continue helping others. 

Many people understand that what you give out, you get back in the same form. After always putting others first, Jennifer was met with good fortune when a T-Mobile connection was made through Blue Star Families. Now, she is working on T-Mobile’s Military & Diversity Recruiting team as a Recruiting Coordinator. 

Jennifer is lucky enough to use her passion and skillset to find and recruit others who are looking for “their next big thing.” She helps screen candidates and pairs them with positions where they can grow their careers. “T-Mobile is like no other company I have worked for. I can truly be myself, and I love that. I love connecting with people, and this is what I get to do on a daily basis!”

For military spouses who might be looking for their next career move or to make an impact, Jennifer encourages you to put yourself out there. It felt like a long time coming, but once she found her place with T-Mobile, she quickly started to help others and make a difference. 

Like Jennifer, are you ready to dive into a career that makes an impact? T-Mobile has over 3,000 career openings across the country, and they want to hire YOU, a military spouse. Be next to connect! Get in touch with a T-Mobile recruiter and learn about the latest career opportunities available for military spouses here.

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